Aloe Clear Body Buff sugar scrubb 250 gram

172,50 kr

100% natural ingredients. Body Buff coconut oil sugar scrub is a wonderful product for maintaining healthy skin all over the body. Body Buff will leave you with the softest, smoothest skin you never thought possible! So much more than just a sugar scrub Body Buff is also a blend of essential oils that deliver glowing skin.
Body Buff contains:

Coconut oil (smoothes and moisturises
Sugar (exfolliant)
Grape seed oil (moisturising and good for Eczema, Acne, ingrown hairs
Aloe Vera gel (Cooling soothing and healing, decreases inflammation)
Tea tree oil (has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties plus great for Acne and breakouts)
Rose hip oil (stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin tightening skin with regular use)

How to use

Stand for a few moments in a hot shower. Take a small amount of Body buff and gently massage into the desired areas, rubbing in a circular motion. Simply shower to remove excess product. Body Buff can be used anywhere on the body with the exception of mucus membranes. Keep away from the eyes. Use regularly for the softest smoothest glowing skin.

Body Buff will change consistency due to the temperature, this is perfectly normal.