Browsie Brow stripsvoks for bryn 800 gram

276,00 kr

Vegan friendly eyebrow wax.
Specifically formulated for brow waxing.

The best Eyebrow wax – we think so! and so do many beauty therapists and brow techs.

The brief for our exclusive eyebrow strip wax was to develop a wax that is easy to apply, can be seen clearly, making precise brow shaping possible and minimise the pain associated with hair removal. This 500 gram jar will give you a great return on investment – so many brow treatments from your wax pot

The result is a Magenta Shimmery brow wax that looks lush in your wax pot!

We had a lot of requests for a matching Browsie hot wax. You can find this new vegan hot wax.

Contains Mica for added strength and the perfect colour for ease of application.
Formulated with a subtle Jasmine scent. Bring some Magic to your Brow Bar.

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